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Reliable Valuation by Experts

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Residential and Commercial Valuation by Experts

Westside Appraisal Group in Los Angeles, California has an expert staff who can assist with all your real estate valuation needs.

Specializing in Property Appraisals for:

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Luxury Appraisals

High-value homes are not uncommon in the Los Angeles area, however, appraisers with the competence and experience are. We have appraised a multitude of very high-value properties and are considered a go-to source for realtors, lenders, homeowners, attorneys, and investors alike for luxury valuations. We pride ourselves on our service and ability to be discreet.



This appraisal indicates the overall value of properties owned by one or both individuals. This is to make an accurate division of the couple’s assets.

Estate Settlement/Probate Appraisals

During a probate case, an attorney needs an appraisal of the deceased’s properties to determine its cash value. The court needs to know the total cash value of the assets prior to its distribution.

Bankruptcy and Short Sale Appraisals

During bankruptcy, debtors are being assisted in obtaining relief from the debts they are unable to pay while simultaneously assisting creditors obtain payment from a debtors’ remaining property or assets.

You’ll be given an accurate appraisal of your property, so you can maintain your property in your possession. 

Financial Planning and Trusts 

Whether you need an appraisal for trusts, estate purposes, or tax planning, we’re here to provide them for you. Financial and Estate Planners should provide reliable advice to their clients, and we’re more than glad to assist you.

Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase,

We’re here to help your prove the true market value of your property to prospective buyers. By having a reliable valuation, you’ll be able to sell your property immediately.


Extensive experience with new construction, As Is Value, After Repaired Value(ARV), private equity, hard money, vacant land and everything in between.

Rush Appraisals

While a typical real estate appraisal may take 4-5 business days to complete, this appraisal can be completed within the day. However, please take note that not all properties are eligible for this.

Appraisal Reviews and Consulting

We also provide appraisal reviews and consulting services to our clients. We’re here to offer what you need with accuracy and integrity.

Home Measurement Services

If you want to list your home for sale, it’s a good idea to have accurate and affordable calculations of the square foot of your property. We’re here to provide the precise calculation you need.

PMI Removal


PMI (or private mortgage insurance) allows individuals to buy properties with less than 20 percent down payment. It protects the lender against the loss if a borrower suddenly stopped paying. 

Date of Death


When the estate of a deceased is inherited, the beneficiary needs an estate appraisal for tax purposes. We’re here to prepare an accurate market value appraisal for the beneficiary.

Green/High Performance and Solar Homes 

If you need to learn the accurate market value of your green or solar home, we’re here to provide an honest valuation report.

Pre-Foreclosure and

Short Sales 

If your property is under foreclosure, we can provide an accurate valuation of its market value before you list it for sale. This saves you from problems that may arise during the selling process.

Home Measurement Services

Tax Assessment Appeals

Many real estate owners in the southern California area are still paying taxes based on much higher property values prior to the downturn of home prices. To learn more if you’re paying the accurate amount for your property, you may contact us.

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Other Services:

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Luxury Valuations
  • Vacant Land
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Pre-Listing Purposes
  • Property Tax Reduction Appraisals

  • Planning
  • Settlement
  • Retrospective Valuation
  • Tax Purposes
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Casualty Loss

  • Partial Interest
  • Date of Death Appraisal
  • Proposed Construction
  • As Is/After Repaired Value (ARV)
  • Commercial Valuation Solutions
  • Consultation

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